the menus

Menu highlights include; Spanish charcuterie; mushroom risotto with truffle oil and manchego cheese; organic chicken and spinach empanadas with roasted garlic and guacamole; fried calamari Andalucian style; duck confit stuffed piquillo peppers; slow cooked pork belly with mango pineapple chutney, figs and port reduction; certificated hanger steak skewers with chimichurri; beer and rioja wine reduction boneless black angus short rib; Mediterranean sea bass with Catalan style spinach; and Paella Valenciana  with saffron, bomba rice, tiger shrimp, clams, mussels, chorizo, pork, chicken and sofrito.


Desserts are made in house and include popular renditions of traditional favorites such as tres leche cake, caramel flan, almond encrusted chocolate fondue croquettes, and Catalana Spanish saffron caramel crème custard. An extensive Spanish wine list, fresh made sangrias and festive and fruity margaritas, caipirinhas and mojitos round out the beverage program.  

Tinto Tapas Bar

10 Wall St.

Norwalk, CT 06850

Tel: (203) 866-8800